Terms & Conditions

Course booking

At Tiny Tots Splashes all Swim courses are booked for a minimum of 5weeks, this is one 30-minute lesson per week. Once your booking has been made and the office has received your payment your slot will be fully secured, and you will be provided with booking confirmation either by email or post for your records. Booking Confirmation/ Welcome packs are sent out in the post or by email before your course starts. It is clients’ responsibility to make sure they read all relevant information that has been provided for them regarding lesson terms and conditions and Tiny Tot’s policies in relation to our swimming lessons operation of business.

All course bookings must be paid in full when your booking is made, we do not allow payment on the day. You can however pay for your course either over the phone or at the office using a credit/debit or cash. Once your course has been paid in full if you wish to change your day/ time please contact the office ASAP. If for any reason you decide you want to cancel your course booking before it has started, we can refund the course fee however there will be an admin charge of £10.00 deducted from the refund.

Course renewal

On your week 4 of your 5week course booking (please see invoice for dates) you will be contacted by the office either by a text message or email to ask if you would like to continue for more lessons and book another 5-week swimming course. If you are happy with the lessons and would like to book another course, please let the office know ASAP, we require all renewal payments to be made in full on your week 4 of date’s booked (not 4th lesson attended).

Renewal fees can be paid at the office in person, or you can pay online or over the phone by card. If you have decided to not renew, we do kindly ask that you let the office know ASAP. All courses that are renewed are booked back-to-back we do not skip weeks due to non-attendance so your new course must start the week after your previous course ended. If you do not wish to do this, you can choose to not renew however your slot will go up for sale.

Tiny Tot’s Splashes do not store any clients card or bank details on file so we will not automatically take your payment you will need to arrange your payment direct. You will be supplied with a new invoice for your records of course class dates, Invoices are emailed to you on your week 4 when payment is due. We do charge a £5.00 late payment charge for all invoices that are overdue and not paid on invoice due date, to avoid this charge please ensure your invoice is paid when due.

Refunds, credits and tagging on

Tiny Tots splashes will not refund money in the event of you cancelling your scheduled classes within your booked course that has started. Unless you have just renewed/ booked and paid for a course of lessons and you decide you wish to cancel this booking their will, be a £10.00 admin fee deducted from your refund. if your course has started it will need to be completed in full. The course must be completed, or catch-up lessons booked within the two-month time scale! If there are any issues regarding your booking/lessons we will do our absolute best to accommodate your requests following our terms and conditions.

Company cancellation

As frustrating as it might be sometimes, we might have to cancel your swimming lesson Due to a Sick/Poo Accident or in the likely event of a Pool Technical problem if we need to cancel your swimming lesson the admin staff will do their very best to contact you ASAP to make you aware of the cancelled lessons and to avoid you having a wasted journey. You will be contacted on the details you have provided us when you first made your booking. If We have cancelled your swimming lesson for one of the above reasons you will be given the choice to have the lesson credited to your course or on a voucher format.

Catch-up policy: a maximum of 2 catchups given per 5 week course

Tiny Tots Splashes is the first swimming school who invented the catchup policy and is the only swimming school who offers such a fair generous catchup-policy to our customers as a gesture of good will. In the event of you needing to cancel a maximum of 2 of your scheduled swimming lessons you will be offered to rebook for an alternative day to what you currently have your lessons on. To qualify for a catchup lesson, you MUST call/txt/email/Facebook the office about non-attendance a minimum of 2 HOURS before your class start time anything under this time limit is a loss on you! We must receive the full 2 HOURS notice even if you're 5 or 10 minutes late of the minimum time it is still a loss. Our catch-up system works by clients letting us know they are unable to attend a swimming lesson in advance we can book someone that is waiting for a swimming lesson in their place.

This is how our catch-up system keeps flowing, when a client lets us know about cancelling a lesson at such short notice it then becomes a void and we are then unable to use it. Even if you are out of the time, we still kindly ask that you still inform us that you are not able to attend as we need to know for our register encase of an emergency. Please also remember we are the only swim school that offers a system like this, other companies will make you lose the lesson if you cancel regardless. We are more than fair offering this time scale.

Booking a catchup

If you have cancelled your swim lesson and have given the office the full required notice period of 2 hours minimum before your class was due to start you would have Automatically qualified for a catchup swim lesson. For every 5-week swimming course you will only be allowed to cancel a Maximum of 2 booked in swimming lessons– If you cancel more than 2 booked in swimming lessons on your 5-week course any additional cancellation will become a loss. We do NOT OFFER REFUNDS/ CREDIT’S or TAG ONS for any lessons that have been cancelled by clients for any reason. The catchup Must be booked in for an alternative day to What you usually swim on, so you will have a period in your course that you will be swimming twice in one week.

How to book a catchup lesson

We run a catchup cancelation/waiting list- you must advise the office of the days your available to attend a catchup swim lesson and we then contact you when we have a catchup swim slot come available for you, this could be on the day or the day before. Your name is only on our catchup waiting list for 2 weeks then you must re-add your child’s name to the list again once the 2weeks have passed. You will now only be offered a maximum of 3 catchup swim slot opportunities per missed swimming class, if you decline all 3 catchup slots offered your catchup will become a loss. Any catchup swim lesson you have booked in, should you cancel the catchup this will become a loss, as we do not rebook cancelled catchups. when you cancel your booked in swimming lesson it is your responsibility to contact the office and add your child’s name to the catchup cancelation list, we do not chase clients for lessons they have cancelled. You have 2 months from each date cancelled to book in and attend your catchups before they become a loss.

Class consolidation

Sometimes classes will end up with a few cancelations from clients cancelling their normal swim class on us, when this happens, we will consolidate the classes as its not fees-able for us to run small classes. due to the intensity of our lesson’s, it is also better for the children to be in a normal class size rather than the class of 1 or 2 children. Please note that not every client gives us the required notice to cancel their lesson so there may be times where small classes do run due to the admin not being given enough notice or being made aware of pupil’s non-attendance. If this happens it is down to the teacher’s discretion to choose to shorten your class depending on the number of attendees (for example a class of 2 pupils may only run for 20mins max due to the intensity). As soon as we know admin will call you to offer you an alternative swim class that same day or if this is not possible, we will offer you a catch-up lesson for an alternative day.

Double protection policy

Please ensure that all children who are/or are not toilet trained i.e babies and toddlers up to the age of 3 years, it is important that they wear Double Protection every visit to the swimming pool. We request that the correct size disposable swimming nappy is worn. You can purchase these from most large supermarkets, we recommend the Huggies little swimmers Disposable swim nappy as they are the strongest and help minimise leaks. We also require another Protection to be worn onto the Huggies little swimmers’ disposable nappy to make the Double Protection. this MUST be a HAPPY NAPPY made by splash about. This is a reusable swim nappy that must be worn every Swim visit. Splash about Happy nappy’s can be purchased from the Tiny Tot’s office or online direct from www.splashabout.co.uk. We do require you to purchase one of these as it must be worn every visit to the pool. The Double Protection Policy helps hugely with avoiding accidents occurring during a swimming lesson that may cause pool closure and lessons to be cancelled. If your happy nappy does not arrive in time for your first swimming lesson, please ensure that your child is still wearing a disposable swimming nappy, and we will supply you with a happy nappy to borrow for your lesson. Tiny tots cannot lend out happy nappy’s every lesson so please make sure your purchase your own.

Nappies and changing your baby

Tiny Tots splashes Has the right to refuse entry to any child who is not suitably attired. Babies wearing Splash about Snugs, costumes and any other swim wear must still wear a Happy Nappy and a disposable swimming nappy. Inside the venue we always have 5 separate changing cubicles for privacy, this is to accommodate the 5 swimmers having a lesson. In each changing room you are supplied with baby changing mat, Baskets for personal belongings and a travel cot. We do also have a changing cubicle equipped with two changing tables to be used at your own risk and for children 16months and under. please do not use any other raised area such as benches or trollies this is to prevent babies rolling onto the floor from high surfaces which can easily happen and is extremely distressing for all concerned.

All rubbish and used nappies to be taken home

We have over 500 clients walk through our doors a week so please understand that if every parent left their child’s used nappy’s behind, we would have a hygiene issue. we simply don’t have the resources or allowance to dispose of such amount, so we kindly ask that you take home your own child’s nappies and rubbish.

Medical conditions

when you first book with tiny tots you will be asked for any existing medical conditions for either yourself, another carer who may swim in the lessons or your child who is booked into the lessons. We ask all parents to fill out a personal detail form at reception. We stress that all parents or carers must inform tiny tots splashes of any changes, including pregnancy, as soon as you are aware of the changes. All information will be kept strictly confidential and for our records only.


Should your child or the adult taking your child into the water have or develop any illness we kindly ask that you let the office know immediately and consult your doctor. Please DO NOT bring your child swimming if they are suffering from the following illnesses:

  1. Ear infection (advised to be off until healed as could cause a perforated ear drum)
  2. Chicken pox (required to miss at least 2 weeks off swimming or till scabs are cleared and gone)
  3. Impetigo (required to miss swimming till completely cleared)
  4. Conjunctivitis (required to miss swimming for at least 1 week)
  5. Unknown rash (required to miss swimming until checked by a doctor)
  6. Chest infection (required to be off till cleared)
  7. Diarrhoea (required to miss at least 2 weeks off swimming - guidelines given to us by public health for pools)
  8. Verruca/Athletes Foot (unable to return back to swimming until completely cleared - socks are also forbidden as they DO NOT stop the spreading - PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE FOR ADVICE)

Please wait until your child has always been given the all-clear before returning to classes and please keep the office always updated. We also have a strict policy that if you child has suffered from sickness and diarrhoea that you wait at least 2 weeks before returning, this is to make sure your child is completely fit and healthy to swim and also to avoid spreading the germs. This is the guidelines given to us to follow by public health…. When dealing with pool water the rules are stricter than your normal activity or preschool club, yours and other children’s health and safety are in our best interest so please try to understand we have regulations to follow.

Teachers and changes

It is in our very best interest to ensure you have the same Teacher, however we cannot guarantee this as Teachers fall ill, go on holiday change days and leave etc. if your regular Teacher has time off you will be supplied with another covering swimming instructor until your regular one returns, Also, due to the extremely thorough nature of our training, we may occasionally need to have a new instructor teaching your class. They are always fully trained at this point and fully insured, but they need to teach a series of ‘live classes’ in order to complete their assessment process. Unfortunately we cannot always help the changes but we try to do the very best to make you aware as soon as possible and give advance warning when this change may happen.

Valuables and jewellery

Please can you make sure that all property and belongings are left in the baskets provided in the changing rooms. Please do not leave items laying out on the floor as this can cause trips and falls. We kindly ask that all prams are left in the pram hut situated outside in front car park next to office, and please do not bring car seats in to the pool room. Can we remind you that tiny tot’s splashes and the owners of Towers Farm take no responsibility to the loss or damage of valuables left onsite.

Health and safety

No outer footwear or prams should be taken onto poolside or into any changing rooms. All footwear must be removed before entering the pool room and left neatly in the front main entrance. If you are unable to walk bare foot please ask for foot covers at the office. Your changing rooms are always kept clean and tidy before after and during lessons and we kindly ask that all clients can respect the class after theirs and make sure the changing rooms are left tidy when they leave. There is always bins and wipes situated around the pool room if needed. We kindly ask you take away nappies with you.

We kindly ask all clients to not enter the pool room until allowed, if you are needed to get in the water with your baby/child please do not enter the pool room any earlier than 10minuites before your class start time, if you sit on pool side and view your child’s swimming lesson please do not enter the pool room until 5 minutes before the class is due to start. This is so the class that is in the water has as much privacy as possibly in a calm and relaxed environment. If you enter the pool room too early or are too noisy you will be asked to step outside and wait. Please do not use mobile phones at all keep them away in your pocket/bag on silent.

You are responsible for the safe supervision of any children you bring at all times: on poolside, in the changing rooms and on the pool premises. They should always be under the direct supervision of an adult who is not taking part in the lesson and never be left unattended. Children running on wet surfaces can very easily slip and hurt themselves. Tiny Tots splashes reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the pool/side at any time. Unfortunately we can only accommodate one adult in the pool at a time with each child who must be either the child's parent or designated carer and over 18 years of age. However, we are happy for other members of your family, friends, or child minders to bring your child to classes. Anyone new to the class must let the instructor know at the beginning of the session, including any health issues, so they can provide the extra help and advice that will be needed.

Health and hygiene

Please do not eat/feed your children or yourself any later than 1 hour and 30mins before swimming to allow enough time for digestion and to help avoid/minimise the risk of sick accidents, the longer you leave eating the better. In order to help keep our facilities clean and welcoming throughout our operation of everyday lessons, we request that clients follow the following requests.


We often get asked what’s the point in showering before before we have a lesson?? A quick rinse in the shower will hugely reduce the amount of bacteria that we all carry as humans from entering the pool. It also helps remove any moisturisers/ deodorants/creams/perfumes/aftershaves and all the other lotions and potions we all apply on a daily basis, we like to keep our clarity of pool water nice and crystal clear so please help us maintain this and shower before every lesson even if you in a rush and running late a shower is still necessary!

Video and photography

Whilst we encourage the family atmosphere we strongly ask that no pictures or videos of the lesson or inside the pool room are taken at all! We would ask that spectators remain seated in the hallway until their class starts and also leave the pool room when their class finishes this is to make sure the classes have as much privacy as possible. We also ask that all spectators remain sensitive to the feelings of others and do NOT enter any of the changing rooms. The only time cameras would be allowed or pictures/videos is only to be taking form the staff of tiny tots splashes along with parent’s agreement. Anyone suspected of filming or photographing the lessons for any purpose of publication will be asked to stop filming and leave the room. All tiny tots’ photography, logos and illustrations are the copyright of tiny tots and underwater-art. Any scanning or reproduction of any of the above without our written agreement will be regarded as being in breach of our copyright and dealt with accordingly. Tiny tots and underwater-art reserves the right to use our underwater photographs for publicity purposes. However, in each instance we will endeavour to inform you first.

Classes with parents in the water

Please DO NOT enter the pool room no earlier than 10 minutes before your class is due to start and the parent getting in the water must be the parent who changes the child before and after the lesson, this is to avoid overcrowded/noisy changing rooms and provide everyone with as much privacy as possible.

Classes with a parent sat on the side

Please DO NOT enter the pool room no earlier than 5minutes before your class is due to start, only 1 parent allowed to change the child at a time, the other must kindly follow the below rules of a spectator.

Food and drink

We kindly ask all parents/ spectators DO NOT BRING ANY FOOD OR DRINK INTO THE POOL ROOM, this is so our facilities are kept clean and tidy and avoid any spillages going into the pool that could cause pool closures.

We thank you for taking the time to read our rules and policies regarding our swimming lessons/school, we hope you understand and respect these rules that have been put in place to help make sure our swim school is run as smoothly as possible.

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